Welcome to Elk Grove Taxidermy Located just 7 miles from Sacramento in Wilton, California.

I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. My love of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors was ingrained at a very early age after high school, a career in Law Enforcement for twenty years until retiring in 1998, I learned taxidermy from world renowned and good friend and mentor, Harold Tweetle, and four years later Elk Grove Taxidermy was born.

At Elk Grove Taxidermy we are learning the most advanced techniques by participating in numerous seminars and competitions.  In our studio we use only the highest grade materials, and we only use materials from nationally recognized suppliers.


Customer Service is never a sometime thing. It’s an ALL TIME thing! If you don’t get this feeling every time you visit our studio, please tell me personally or call me anytime.

When a hunt results in successfully taking an animal worthy of taxidermy mounting, you want to share your achievement long after the hunt is over. Our goal here at Elk Grove Taxidermy is to create a trophy that can be cherished for a lifetime. - Jim Parino

Jim Parino
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Elk Grove Taxidermy
Wilton, CA
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